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Un nouveau tutoriel est maintenant sur Youtube! 

Yeah, no. I don't really speak French. According to Google Translate, it is the French translation for "A new tutorial is now on Youtube!" 😃

In this new video, we'll design a vintage Paris poster. I will first show you how to crop and manipulate a real photo in Procreate. And then we will design the poster. This tutorial also comes with a free grungy texture brush and the color palette of course. 

You can watch the full tutorial here

Now At Patreon

Two new tutorials and a new brush set are now available on Patreon.

In the first video, we will design detailed Retro Coffee Ads. It comes with a brand new brush set that has retro textures and coffee elements. You can see how the finished poster below.

And in the other tutorial, I show how to create a tree brush from a real tree image step-by-step. It is a fun process. After watching it, I believe you can create any brush you want from real photos.

You can support me and unlock all Patron-only Posts here

Have a nice weekend.

Tatiana (@tatyworks)

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